Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday faves

Today is great because:

~ I'm sitting here in the peace and quiet.
~ Isaac is taking a good, long nap.
~ Crowd pleasing lasagna is on the menu tonight.
~ My hunky-hunk hubby will arrive home promptly at 4pm today.
~ I'll choose to show extra grace if that same hubby arrives later than 4pm today.
~ Isaac loves telling me things and really loves asking questions.
~ Isaac has the sweetest voice (when he isn't whining that is!).
~ Clean sheets will greet me tonight as I fall asleep.
~ As I glance at Isaac's Coco-Nutty Monkey Play-Doh set, I grin over how much he enjoys it!
~ Fall is in the air.
~ Peasant Princess session two is coming up tonight.
~ God gives abundant grace for every season.
~ A friend is praising God for working in her marriage.
~ Project SSAM is here!
~ I'm not overly concerned that my house is not completely in order at this moment.
~ Tomorrow is filled with three fun events.
~ Matt can relax this evening and not think about his thesis.
~ Matt is supposed to surprise me with something today.
~ I'm hopeful that surprise is a Starbucks chai latte.
~ The weekend is here.
~ Most of all: This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Today is good!