Friday, September 24, 2010

and just one more...

LOVE this picture of Isaac taken shortly after his birth. I still can't believe my sweet lovin' is three!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

My little boy is growing into a big boy day by day. He is three today, and I couldn't be more thankful for the Lord blessing us and choosing Matt and me to be his parents. His sweet ways melt my heart, and he cracks me up every single day! I think of the verse when David speaks to the Lord with humble gratitude, "Lord, who am I and who is my family that you have brought me this far?" David, I'm with you, brother! Who am I that the Lord would bring me this far? Really!

As many of you know, motherhood in the beginning was no walk in the clouds. I struggled to be content in all circumstances. I griped and moaned and had a bad case of the grumps when my sweet baby was not performing just as expected. I often told the Lord, "Lord I really do love you, and I want to be joyful, but I'm just not right now." Oh, how thankful I am that the Lord can handle all of my hang ups and bang ups! The Lord certainly used Isaac's first year of life to teach me to rely solely upon Him for my every need, to not compare myself (what a scheme of the devil), and to love irrespective of how I feel. Motherhood is no easy feat; we all know it! BUT, what a precious and humbling gift it is to be called Mommy each and every day. I now wake up with joy to be at home serving my family. I'm not always on top of my game, yet I do it so much more gratefully. Knowing that motherhood is my calling and that God equips me and anoints me with everything I need to live a life for Him, makes this vocation all the more delightful and possible.

Happy Birthday, Isaac. The Lord has truly blessed me to be your mama. I love you more than life! I love how you love to learn. I love when you ask me to pray for you. I love watching you sleep so peacefully. I love that we play Duck, Duck, Goose and you chase me all around the house! I love how you care about everyone around you. You never want anyone out of site! I love when you want me to snuggle you. I love watching you fly down the sidewalk on your tricycle. I must say, you're a pro now! I love how you love music and always ask to hear Matt, Melissa, or Olivia on the Apex c.d. I love how you get so excited when Daddy comes home from work. I love having Barnes and Noble dates with you. I love going to the Sunrise Cafe in Yellow Springs with you and Daddy. I love how you kiss the baby and gently pat my belly. I love how you tell me, "But, I'm the big bruver!" I love that you know all of our family and enjoy seeing your cousins. I love when you want to be my big helper. I love when you get me with your shark attack hands. I love watching you trace letters and watching you learn how to hold a pencil. I love when you ask to do your "schoolwork"! I love when speak kindly to others and don't whine to get what you want. (You might be able to talk your way into anything when you're polite!) I love when you give me hugs and kisses. I love when we walk to see the fountains and the weeping willows. I love watching you dance to the Wiggles. I love watching you run into your MOPS and Apex classes with such enthusiasm. I love how you always want to go to Landen's house. You would live there if we let you! I love how you come into Mommy and Daddy's room every morning to greet us. I really love it when you hop into bed to snuggle with us! I love watching you be all boy, all the time! I love being home with you every day. I love your beautiful blue eyes. I love giving you "kissy nudgies" all over your face! I love when you grip onto my index finger when we're walking. I love how excited you get to see the dog at Old Navy! I love how you love to trick me. I love when you ask me to read Dr. Seuss books to you. We really like Solla Sollew right now! I love that you enjoy helping water the plants. I love hearing you play in the living room. I love all of your many questions! I love going to the library with you. I love when you ask me to help you with something. I love when you make your scrunchy face. I love watching you clap. I love when you tackle Daddy. I love when you find the cow at Trader Joe's because you get so excited to ask for a sucker! I love when you run around in your jammies. I love that our house gets messy due to your toys being scattered. I love when you clean up your toys! I love your "tight and loose" squeezes. I really could go on and on and on and on....

Isaac, I love you because you are God's gift of life. I love you through all circumstances... even when you're a rascal! Always remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. The Lord has good plans for you; I'm excited to watch them unfold this year. You make me smile, cutie-pie! Have a very Happy Birthday. I love you!

:)) Mommy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

His Many Blessings

Today I've been overwhelmed with the Lord's goodness in my life. How often I take for granted things like a home, clean clothing, nourishing food, access to the Internet, a loving spouse, supportive friends, a driver's license, a car (two cars!), rain and wind (LOVE thunderstorms!), and so many, many, many other things.

Matt has been gone this week for an engineering conference. (I wonder if I can find a domestic engineering conference in the area?) tee hee hee! The Lord always uses these times to increase my thanksgiving. It gets a bit lonely around here by the end of the week, yet He shows me that He is my all in all, He is my joy, He is my strength, He is my shelter, He is my strong tower, He is my delight, He is my Prince, He is my True Love, He is my provider, He is my protector, He is my Lord, and I rest in Him.

After a week without my hubby, I'm definitely excited to see him. But, I'm thankful that the Lord uses all things to work for my good. I revere Him more and trust Him more knowing our lives are but a vapor; we're here today and gone tomorrow. It is only by God's grace and His love to have my family in my life. What grace He desires to lavish upon His children!

So, as my week winds down, I humbly thank the Lord for Matt, Isaac, and sweet-pea Baby Nelms. I thank Him for blessing me when I deserved nothing of the sort. I thank Him for allowing me to be wife and mommy in this house. Above all, I thank Him for equipping me for anything I will ever go through and for helping me to hold loosely to the things of this world.

He holds our lives in his hands. Every breath. Every heartbeat. Every movement. Life is a gift, and I cherish it deeply. Thank you, Lord Jesus.