Thursday, September 16, 2010

His Many Blessings

Today I've been overwhelmed with the Lord's goodness in my life. How often I take for granted things like a home, clean clothing, nourishing food, access to the Internet, a loving spouse, supportive friends, a driver's license, a car (two cars!), rain and wind (LOVE thunderstorms!), and so many, many, many other things.

Matt has been gone this week for an engineering conference. (I wonder if I can find a domestic engineering conference in the area?) tee hee hee! The Lord always uses these times to increase my thanksgiving. It gets a bit lonely around here by the end of the week, yet He shows me that He is my all in all, He is my joy, He is my strength, He is my shelter, He is my strong tower, He is my delight, He is my Prince, He is my True Love, He is my provider, He is my protector, He is my Lord, and I rest in Him.

After a week without my hubby, I'm definitely excited to see him. But, I'm thankful that the Lord uses all things to work for my good. I revere Him more and trust Him more knowing our lives are but a vapor; we're here today and gone tomorrow. It is only by God's grace and His love to have my family in my life. What grace He desires to lavish upon His children!

So, as my week winds down, I humbly thank the Lord for Matt, Isaac, and sweet-pea Baby Nelms. I thank Him for blessing me when I deserved nothing of the sort. I thank Him for allowing me to be wife and mommy in this house. Above all, I thank Him for equipping me for anything I will ever go through and for helping me to hold loosely to the things of this world.

He holds our lives in his hands. Every breath. Every heartbeat. Every movement. Life is a gift, and I cherish it deeply. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

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