Friday, December 19, 2014

Recent Happenings

Isaac is finishing up some school work, which means I have an extra few minutes to catch you up on our most recent happenings:

A few weeks back, our family celebrated a major milestone in Matt's career.  We adore this man, and if you don't know Matt very well, you should. He is truly wonderful! It's a good reason, too, to jet down to the beach! His family visited for about a week. See, they love us. :) We shared a delicious Thanksgiving meal together and spent time hanging out at the pool and beach. The kiddos loved seeing their cousins and look forward to more family time at Christmas.

We're feeling more and more settled in our new sunny state. It takes a bit of time to plug in, find a church home, and get to connect with others more deeply. We believe we've found our church home and continue to pray for unity and the Lord's leading and guidance. We checked out a connect group/Bible study 2 weeks ago. They welcomed us with open arms, and we'll certainly visit again after the new year. We are falling in love with our little town and envision living in this area permanently. Don't hate!
Our homeschool co-op, Classical Conversations, started out nicely this year. Isaac's tutor is patient, loving, and all around a great fit for his class. We are grateful for her sweet spirit and willingness to invest into each child. His friendships are blossoming, and he enjoys the time away from our "classroom" setting. He's growing academically and emotionally, and I daily witness firsthand how the classical model takes root at this stage. To give you an example: Each cycle, we drill skip counting all the way through 15x15. We also memorize many other math formulas and laws. This is our third year in the program and our first year using Saxon math. Through Saxon, he is now learning to multiply, and it has come with great ease. The framework laid through memorization of skip counting, greatly aided this process. He gets it. It's a tangible way that I see fruit in his academics and in this method. We take each year as it comes, but I highly emphasize this grammar/foundational stage of learning. For that reason, I foresee us homeschooling at least through 3rd grade with each kiddo. As his mom and teacher, my heart rejoices knowing what a solid foundation he'll utilize as he learns more complex subjects and ideas. And, let me tell you, Malayna is learning alongside her big brother simply from exposure. She's getting a head start in school and ample opportunities to tap into that knowledge. Malayna's the cutest little thing reciting memory work!
The Lord laid upon my heart a need and urgency to start a prayer group for our campus. Believers live for a Savior who cares for our deepest needs and the most seemingly mundane needs. He yearns for our hearts to grow more intimately toward him and in love toward one another by inviting us to His throne of grace. CC days are packed full of academics. It's difficult to connect with one another, share burdens, or praises during class time. Yet, each of us has specific prayer requests and praises daily and weekly. Our connections as moms and women who love Christ matter. Our attitudes matter. Our words matter. Our joy in the Lord matters. The Adversary seeks to destroy these precious relationships and instill doubt in our minds as homeschooling moms. The Lord prompted me with such clarity. I knew I must follow in direct obedience. And wouldn't y'all know--others desired the same type of intimacy. Have you ever been there? When you know you cannot ignore such nudging? He is wise and good to us in His leading. Discern and then follow His prompting; often times, your obedience results in others' blessedness.
Isaac writes me love notes about 2-3x/week. Surprises always brighten my day. He brought this to me only an hour or so ago. I keep every one of his notes. Mamas love these gems! Maybe he's buttering me up as a pre-Christmas strategy. :)
Overall, our family is doing well adjusting to school and work life in a new state. Bit by bit, we'll turn this house into our home. Jehovah Jireh--the Lord provides for His people. In this season and always. May your heart rejoice this weekend as you await His coming.