Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A lazy, relaxing and refreshing weekend!

Isaac and I spent a wonderful weekend with my mom in Waverly. I knew Matt had lots of work to finish for school as well as mid-terms, so what better way to spend the weekend than lounging around my mama's house?! For those of you who don't know, Waverly is south east of Dayton. It's a small, little place with plenty of fast food restaurants to feed an army. You'll miss the town if you even blink when driving through! It's my hometown, so I don't mind it!

We arrived Friday afternoon. I can't remember if I put Isaac down for his regular afternoon nap, but I do remember our yummy yummy dinner. We had gondola subs from Lloyd's, and let me tell you, you're missing something if you've never eaten one. It's sort of like an Italian sub w/some extra goodness melted into it. And... you just can't go to Waverly without visiting the super Walmart. This building went up around the time I graduated; it became the hangout on boring Friday nights... especially when my friends and I were home from college!

We also spent some time with one of my best friends in the entire world, Jamie. She and her little boy, Jude, had lunch with us at the Emmitt House. Another place you have to eat at when you're in town... still good but not like it used to be. Jude is 3 months and 4 days older than Isaac. They seem so similar and very boyish. Jude now says "peese" for his food and gets embarrassed when you smile at him. We sure did have our hands full with our boys! I didn't get to see little Miss Sophie; she was with her grandma taking her afternoon nap. A must-do for any soon-to-be 3 yr. old. It was great catching up with Jamie; I look forward to our next visit!

The rest of the weekend my mom and I relaxed and watched Hallmark movies. Of course they made me cry. It's not like the acting is all that great, but I'm more sensitive now that I'm a mom. I guess your hormones never really return to normal or something! My mom said I should go for a walk, and she would watch Isaac. I gladly took her up on that offer. You see, when I go to Waverly, I'm extra spoiled. Mom loves watching Isaac for me, and she always makes me some tasty food. I do help out with dishes and such, but I admit, I definitely take advantage of Mama's cooking! Anyways.... I went for a walk and then to Krogers to check out the manager specials. Matt tells my mom, "You better not buy anything unless it has an orange sticker!" My mom is QUEEN of manager special deals. I'm just trying to follow in her footsteps. I got a few deals but no orange stickers this trip!

It's always a welcomed break going to Waverly. Yeah, the town itself doesn't exactly attract many tourists or anything. I just love spending time with my mom. I miss my friends in Boston, but I'm incredibly thankful that we're back in Ohio. Isaac loves seeing his Gammy, and it's a blessing seeing how good my mom is with him. After all he is "Gammy's little man".

Just when I thought my weekend couldn't get much better, I walked into our house and saw that Matt surprised me by having the living room and foyer area completely painted. He, my brother, his brother, and Wayne (from house church) conjured up a plan to paint while Isaac and I were at Mom's. I love it all! It looks so great. We need to do a few touch-ups here and there, but overall, our house is now becoming our home. Thank you guys for serving me this weekend. I appreciate you taking the time to help us especially when Matt is so busy with school. It looks like I owe you a home-cooked meal!

I forgot my camera this weekend, but I do have some recent pics of Isaac, which are darling. I'll post them once I upload them. Tonight is recipe club. I better get crackin' on housework!

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