Saturday, April 18, 2009

Updates from the Nelms' Neighborhood

I realize it's been a few weeks since my last post. It's not that I don't love you all - I really do! I haven't been feeling great lately. I had a couple of doctor appointments just to make sure everything is okay. Sometimes it's easy for me to assume any ailment is due to having Crohn's disease. I felt fatigued and queasy almost every morning over the past month. I scheduled a general physical with my family doctor just in case something was going on not related to Crohn's. He asked me lots of questions and did some lab work. Everything came back normal except my white blood count was low, but that's because of the medication I take. Now, I can relax knowing I'm not a walking health problem. If only I could kick the Crohn's to the curb, right?! I wholeheartedly believe Jesus will heal my body permanently when I see Him in glory. For now though, He has graced me with His love and strength to walk through these challenges.

And... a while back my G.I. doctor switched my medication, so I'm almost certain that was part, if not all, of the problem. I feel much better now, and I'm taking my medication in the morning instead of bedtime. Matt thought it might absorb better during the day. I think it's making all the difference! What an intelligent and keen husband I have!

All that said (or typed!) to let you know we're all doing well. Here are some of the things we rejoice over and have been doing lately:

* went to the Columbus Zoo.... good times
* enjoyed Matt's week-long spring break from AFIT
* just ordered my Esther book for the study Kate and I are beginning
* happy (for now) to report I'm not pregnant (maybe next year!)
* Easter egg hunt at First Christian with Mom, Isaac, Haven, Cale, and Matt
* Mom came up a few weeks ago and blessed me with an early birthday gift - Keurig coffee pot!
* dinner with Mom, Sean, Casey, Matt, and Isaac at Sakai in Troy
* coffee with the aforementioned at Night Sky
* singing songs and dancing around the house with Matt and Isaac
* nice walks outside
* Isaac's growth and development and overall health
* great sale prices at the grocery store
* sleeping in a little more when I wasn't feeling well (HUGE praise)
* Easter egg hunt in Waverly last weekend
* watching Matt clean up our yard today
* laughing when Isaac plays in his crib just talking to himself when he should be napping!
* journeying through the gospels with our house church
* Isaac knowing pretty much all of his books verbatim, counting to ten, and saying the ABC's!
* hosted Easter dinner at our house for Matt's side of the family
* love, love, love hearing Isaac say all sorts of words... even saying "no" is quite funny!
* heading to Columbus for Women of Faith with Mom and Jamie (best friend from high school) next weekend
* date nights with Matt and free childcare for Isaac (We love you Grandma Linda and Grandpa Chuck!)
* girl's night out last night at Grandma Bobby's
* watching Isaac take a serious interest in cars, trucks and "airpanes"
* our family and friends who love us despite our quirks
* time spent with my house church ladies. gotta love coffee cake, quiche, and bacon!
* the feeling I get when Isaac wants to read "Day Day" (Day by Day Bible devotional)
* women's retreat at Apex in a couple of weeks
* the sunshine!
* the sweetest, most caring husband I could have EVER asked for and a very precious and loving child
* knowing God's love for us NEVER fails.... that is what gives me hope to live this life!

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