Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Potty Training Tips, Anyone?

Hey Friends,
Isaac is almost twenty months old already! Can you believe that? As we approach the two year mark, I need to gear myself up for the joys and trials of potty training. So, I'm requesting any advice or tips you may have, which seem to work or not work! We weren't going to buy a little potty seat because it's one more thing we'll have to wean. But, now that I've sat Isaac on the big potty a couple of times, I'm a bit concerned about getting sprayed in the face! I know some of the toilet seat rings have guards, so maybe that will help? It's sort of difficult trying to hold him up while making sure he's pointed downstream. At any rate, I'd like to hear from you about lessons learned while potty training your kids!

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jenny said...

This can be a hot topic with lots of differing view points. Having potty trained two kids successfully with one more to train, my only piece of advice would be to wait until they are more than ready. I have seen a lot of moms start right when their child has peed once on the potty and is still relatively young (maybe 18 months-24 months) and it has just taken them longer to do the whole process. Of course, there are exceptions to this (I know Haven was that young and Kate had success with her). But, the majority of people I know who have started that young have spent 9-12 months potty training! We waited until they were REALLY ready (2.5 with Lane and 3 yr. 3 mo. with Rowan) and it literally was done in a week! Thus, the reason I have not started with Beckett. The majority of girls I have known have been 2.5 and the boys have been 3 or older. Best of luck whatever you decide...hope he's successful!