Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Animal Sounds and Words, Words, Words!

Over the past couple of days, Isaac has become our little animal in the house. He LOVES making animal noises when someone asks him what something says. Now, he doesn't always perform on cue, but when he does, it's a precious moment! He learns new words every day it seems. He's growing up so quickly.

Isaac amazes me with his language ability, particualarly his receptive language skills. From an early age, he seemed to understand what we said to him. When he was around seven-eight months old, I would point out things in his room. After telling him what something was only one time, he could remember it and scan the room to find it. After days of not mentioning something, he still knew what it was. He has a valance in his room with a monkey, lion, and giraffe on it. I would ask him, "Where's the giraffe?" or "Where's the monkey", and he could always find it with his eyes. Over the past few months he graduated to pointing with his finger. It truly is amazing to talk to him and know that he comprehends what I am saying. He learned early on how to praise the Lord. So anytime you say, "Praise God", he'll lift his hands! He signs "please" now, and it took him less than a day to learn it! He talks and jabbers all day long and clearly wants to be in conversation with people. I guess it's no surprise with me as his mother!

My little boy is learning how language works. He is constantly pointing to objects around the house. If he doesn't know what something is, he wants to know immediately and asks, "What's that? or says, "Ooh.. ooh.. ooh". Last night he wanted to talk about the fish on his jammies. He now says fish anytime he sees a picture of one. He is our inquisitive toddler! I love this quality about Isaac, and I hope to cherish it throughout his life.

I leave you with some of his animal sounds and words:
... a duck says... "kak" "kak"
... a lion says... "raahhhhhh"
... an owl says... "hoooowooo"
...a cow says... "mmmmmmmm"
... a dog says... "uh ruh ruh ruh ruh"
... a baby says... "wanh wanh wanh" (my favorite!!!)
... a sheep says... "baa"

... bath... "bap"
... fish... "ish"
... duck... "guk"
... truck ... "kuk"
... clock... "kauk"
... cup... "cup"
... pumpkin... "pum"
... flower... "ow-er"
... mom... "mom mom mom"...
... dad... "dad", "dat", or "dada" (depending on his mood, I guess!)
... light... "it"
... that... "that"
... oh wow... '' ohhhh wowww"
... sock... "ok"

I just had to share all the cuteness and brag about my wonderful son!!!!!!

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