Friday, February 27, 2009


Last night Isaac and I were reading in his room before bedtime. As I was reading to him, he seemed to lose interest. I kept reading on because I liked the rhythm and patterns of the book. It's nice to read aloud even if it's a book designed for toddlers! While I was enjoying the read aloud, he began reading one of his peek-a-boo books. He hasn't picked up this book for about 2 months, so it surprised me how into it he was. Then, he quickly got up and walked to his dresser like a man on a mission. He came back with a flap, which covers a baby's face. He came to the page where the flap belonged and said "bwoke". It amazed me that he knew where to find his broken flap (it actually fell off of the dresser) and that it belonged on a specific page. Mama needs to fix it for him now! I bubble over with joy and happiness when I witness him learning and discovering how the world works. Knowing that Isaac delights in simple pleasures helps me remember how blessed I am to be his mommy!

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