Sunday, March 1, 2009

Too Cute not to Share

Matt and I have been working diligently with Isaac to help him not whine so much. Any time he wants something, we have him say, "Please, Mama" or "More please, Mama". I've been breaking it down for him and letting him say one word at a time. So, I'll say the word I want him to say and have him repeat it. Well, tonight as he and I were having dinner (Matt's at AFIT catching up on work), he wanted a crouton. So I said, "How do you ask Mama?" He said, "Peeeze, Ma-ma"! It was soooooo stinkin' cute because I didn't have to help him in between words at all. We've only been doing this "method" I guess you could say for a couple weeks. I really want Isaac to get into a good habit at a young age of verbally responding to us. So... we continue eating dinner and he says, "More peeze, Ma-ma". Ahhh... my heart totally melted! Then he showed his smarts by pointing out "Mama's cup" and "Isaac's cup". He found the tape label where I wrote his name on his cup and pointed to it and said, "I-zaak". Wow! He's brilliant I tell ya!

Here are a few hightlights of earlier today. He was so funny while eating his granola bar and playing peekaboo with me. He's been really into hiding his face lately and covering his eyes before saying "boo"! And, now he'll close his eyes tightly when we're praying. What a character!

Yummy, yummy natural granola bar
Playing peekaboo with my mommy

I'm really not supposed to have this on the table!

Look! Two hands!

Yep - I'm verrrry cute!

Now I'm just mad!

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