Tuesday, June 22, 2010


One of my favorite sites for nutrition is Weston Price. Over the past few months, I've delved deeper into researching nutrition, disease prevention, and healing. I read this and this tonight, and it seems like our modern society does things completely opposite of well-documented research. Do you ever wonder what our lives would be like if we went back to "Grandma's cooking"? It is no secret that our ancestors were healthy, thriving people free from cancer, heart disease and all sorts of other ailments. Most doctors want to give us pills to take, but could it be (just perhaps!) that our problem is how we process our food to death and what we eat now as opposed to what people used to eat even just 100 years ago? Call me crazy, but I'm willing to do what I can within my limits to make my son's generation a healthy one. And to make my grandma proud.

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