Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend Time!!

Matt was TDY in Orlando all week, and I'm happy to have him home! I look forward to simply relaxing this evening and catching up on a few things around the house. Isaac and I played a lot this week, which means this mama slacked on some of her domestic duties. I wouldn't trade it though; my youngster is growing up way too quickly! Here's a quick layout of our tentative weekend plans:

* Fettucini alfredo for dinner tonight, followed by an evening bike ride.
* Sourdough pancakes (oh, sooooo yummy!) and scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow. Shh... don't tell Matt; it's a surprise!
* Painting a few things for our guest bedroom. It's slowly coming together!
* I'm trying out a new sloppy lentil recipe sometime this weekend. I've heard rave reviews, so I'll link you to it if it's successful!
* Maybe a trip to the base pool?
* Apex 11:30am service on Sunday. We're going through the book of James.
* Finish laying our new mulch in our flower beds. So we're only just shy of 2 years behind!! Better late than never!
* Mainly I'm looking forward to being w/my two faves. I hope this weekend is full of love and laughter!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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