Sunday, July 18, 2010

One more highlight...

Guess who went pee-pee and poopy today on the potty for the first time ? Drum roll.... ISAAC!

Over the past few weeks, he really showed strong signs of being ready. I'm definitely not one to push the potty-training issue and certainly didn't want to draw it out for months and months. Isaac knows that when we get back from the beach, it's potty-training boot camp time! He's been very squirmy when he needs to go number 2. We've put him on the potty a few times when we knew for certain he had to go. He seemed a little timid. But today Matt made him sit there until he went because he was just in so much pain from holding it. (Such a stubborn one... wonder where he gets that trait? He he!) He finally relaxed enough and was so proud of himself.

We're throwing him an ice cream party to commemorate such a monumental milestone and to encourage his own initiation of going on the potty. So long diapers. Hello big guy underwear!

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