Sunday, November 21, 2010

A follow-up from yesterday

I had a mom-fail moment in the department of patience this morning. I clearly was exasperated with Isaac, and my stubborn will reared its ugly head. I apologized to my sweet boy for speaking unkindly and losing self-control after he cried and said, "But vat's not a very nice voice, Mom." He was completely right - I knew it. I knew I missed the mark. It hurt my feelings that I hurt his feelings and went against God's commands. Dumb, dumb me moment. (He did forgive me, so that's good!)
Also, the Lord's timing is incredible. I went to Apex sans Matt and Isaac and heard a wonderful sermon on repentance. Not only am I thankful for how the Lord equips us as moms, but I'm also thankful that His grace is sufficient to cover my hang-ups. I fail all.the.time. Praise the Lord for forgiveness and restoration; He is the God of endless chances.

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