Monday, November 29, 2010

Soaked wheat bread

I've tried three different sourdough or soaked wheat bread recipes. The first two were not so great. The sourdough didn't rise properly and the soaked version was very heavy. After finding this recipe and tweaking it a bit, I have a winner. We all enjoy it, and it's especially yummy slathered with butter and a little cinnamon sugar for that nostalgic feel. Matt brought this childhood favorite back into our home last week. I couldn't resist it!

I slightly modified the recipe:
* I added more water to the soaking period b/c mine was too dry.
* I also added more honey, probably a half-cup total and used butter as opposed to coconut oil.
* I proofed the yeast in a bit of water and added a tsp. of cane sugar.
* I kneaded the bread by hand after it came together in the KitchenAid mixer. I think this is critical! If you don't knead by hand, you might end up with a heavy loaf. (The bread in the original post looked too dense for my liking.)
* Baked for 40 minutes.
This recipe is simple and takes very minimal time to prepare. I hope you give it a shot because it's just that good!

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