Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School

As of today, we officially have a second grader in our house. Say what? Crazy but true. Our morning started wonderfully with a special surprise breakfast prepared by Daddy Principal. He's so good to us. Little Man gobbled his breakfast in bed. Yep, he is that special and cherished!

Our hearts' desires are to begin each school day with family or independent devotions. The Lord firmly pressed this upon my heart, personally, over the last few months. I wholeheartedly believe we are the best, and sadly sometimes worst, models to our kiddos. Our call to display before them healthy, godly habits is serious business.  Last week, our sweet ones began their first year in AWANA. Both are huge fans and are working diligently on memory verses. It's fitting for our family at this time to use AWANA as a base for instilling a solid, biblical foundation into their hearts and minds. Isaac and Malayna look forward to this time, and the books and c.d. provide an engaging way for them to learn. We are thrilled for them to take part in such a Christ-centered program.

We'll dig into learning about our great and glorious Savior, Jesus Christ, and His creation as much as we can this year. Please pray for me as Isaac's teacher. I need much grace, patience, love, and wisdom to keep this ship afloat. My attempts are often feeble. Pray for my heart to remain focused on what He has called our family to at this time. Pray that I teach in a way that glorifies His name. Pray that His light will shine brightly and others will praise Him. Please leave a comment or message me as to how I can specifically pray for you and your kiddos as the school year commences.Whether it be public, private, or home-based education, the Lord has a specific plan for your family. Let's trust Him as each day unfolds. Let's look to the throne in heaven during our times of uncertainty and doubt this year as parents and teachers. May He grant you all that your family needs to ensure a successful year. He is faithful in His leading and will supply you with bountiful, life-sustaining grace.

 Isaac and his teacher. I hope he likes her. :)
 Starting our morning with AWANA devotions and review. We will hang the map and some other resources, but we're settled enough to start this week. We relocated to a new area about 6 weeks ago and knew we had to decide what area to use for school. The upstairs loft area seemed like a logical fit. So far it's working out quite nicely.
 Mama's nook of Scripture. I wrote these verses out many months ago. I found them while unpacking and fixed to "write them on my doorposts". I'm certain they will refresh my soul in times of craziness or weariness.
 Little Mel practicing her fourth position arms. This girl loves ballet.
 Focusing his attention on the history timeline. This year, we will write 161 pivotal events in world history.
CHEESE! I'm in SECOND grade!!!!

 Such a sweet sight for this mama's heart. She adores her artwork, too.
A friend from our previous Classical Conversations group created a simple daily schedule for each of her kiddos. I tweaked it and reorganized it to suit our needs. This Scripture aptly applies and hopefully will help Isaac understand the big picture of life--to serve the Lord in all he does.
I'd count this day successful. Good attitudes for the most part, and we accomplished almost everything on our daily schedule. God is gracious, and I pray He grants us the perseverance to faithfully learn and seek His face this year.  I pray that for your family as well. He is good to all, and His mercies are new every morning; remember that tomorrow. Be blessed today, friends, and be a blessing.

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