Monday, September 8, 2014

The Church of Brotherly Love

Currently, Matt and I are working through John MacArthur's Revelation study with our dear friends, Dru and Brittany. We have loved every minute of it. In addition, I listen to online sermons of Revelation by one of my most beloved pastors, Jon Courson. The studies complement one another nicely. Jesus had no correction/admonishment for the church in Philidelphia. They kept His name. They followed Him. They loved Him. I pray that we, as His Body, will steer clear of divisive debates and focus on evangelism and love for one another.  Theology discussions are edifying and often necessary, but we must not lose sight of unity within the Body of Christ--good lessons for us all. How easy it is to go there if we're not mindful. Eternity is what's at stake for every soul--not denominationalism. Take a listen if you have time this week. I believe it will strengthen your walk with Christ.  I'm thankful for teachers who lovingly yet firmly remind the Body of Jesus' great love and His call for all believers to witness to the ends of the earth. Jon shares a tender story of evangelism and brotherly love in action at the end, so be sure to listen all the way through! I hope each of you who listen find joy, comfort, peace, and grace today in the arms of Jesus. Much brotherly love to you all.

** His son, Ben, teaches frequently. You can find studies/sermons from both Jon and Ben on the side links.

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