Friday, June 19, 2009


Isaac last summer!

I have to type this really quickly, but I wanted to make sure I captured the simple memories of my day today. Forgive me if it's a rambly post! I must tell you how wonderful my beautiful boy, Isaac, is to me. He is the best. God overwhelms me with the goodness of this precious creation.

Matt has been on summer break this week. It has been refreshing to relax and do whatever we want. (I'll post more about our lazy-dazy week sometime soon.) We spent most of our day today working in the yard. I think we were overthrown by the weeds! So, we set up Isaac's little blow-up pool and let him splish and splash while we pulled and trimmed. He was running through the sprinkler and getting in and out of the pool. I just can't really put this into words like I was hoping to, but all I can say is how much I delight in seeing my happy, joyful, and tender-hearted Isaac. I complained so much about him as an infant; I cannot believe I ever took such a blessing for granted. God has convicted me many times on this, but this week it really made sense. Why would I ever grumble and gripe about such a gift?

As Isaac gets older, I'm noticing simple things that make him tick. For instance, he loves to cuddle and touch. Right now it might be his primary love language, which is okay with me since I love it as well! I cannot even count how many times a day he comes up to me, wraps his tiny arms around my legs and says, "Ahhhhhh". Or, how many times he says, "Hug me." and "Hold you.". My heart melts, and warmth fills my bones each time he initiates something with Matt or me. He's not only tender toward Matt and me but also to other people, including children. I'm so thankful I can say this about my son. His temperament and personality speak volumes of the Lord's fearfully and wonderfully made creation. I get to experience this goodness every day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus for allowing me to be Isaac's mommy. Please let me never again complain about what You are doing. May Matt and I continue to raise him Your way and teach him the way he should go. Give us wisdom and patience in teaching and training Isaac. You are more than good to me, Lord. Teach me to thank You in all circumstances and to fix my eyes on things above. Please help Isaac trust in You as he grows - to know You have a good plan for his life. Lord, we had a great day as a family, and I praise You for loving us every minute of every day. We owe all of it to You.

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