Thursday, February 3, 2011

She's coming!

Not yet, but she'll be here soon - our sweet Malayna Hope! In preparation for her arrival, I'm looking to stockpile our new, as in Craigslist-you've-got-yourself-a-great-deal, upright freezer. Matt picked it up tonight, and I'm so thankful we found it for a wonderful price! Makes this mommy smile! I'm looking for some tried-and-true good freezer meal type recipes. We like any kind of meat, casserole, pasta, breakfast items, pretty much anything except peanut sauce. Sweet hubsters isn't a fan so much! So what do you got for me? Feel free to reply here or shoot me an email!

... 6.5 more weeks to go!

1 comment:

KT said...

I froze the mac and cheese you've made before from the pioneer woman. I sprinkled the cheese on top when I was ready to bake it and it came out like the day I made it. Sorry, I don't have a new recipe for you :)