Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...Happy New Year...

Welcome to 2009, everyone! I hope you are each off to a fantabulous start this year. Life around our house is a bit off this week. Isaac came down with some type of sniffly-snotty bug Monday afternoon, which then turned into a 102.5 temperature, which then lead us to the doctor today. His ears and throat look wonderful, but the doctor was somewhat concerned with his fever. She suggested taking a blood sample to make sure his white blood count wasn't screaming high. We waited in the office for about an hour for the results... normal count! He doesn't need any antibiotics. I'm glad because I'm not a fan of giving my child antibiotics if they can be avoided. He needs lots of liquids, rest and a good dose of Tylenol and Motrin often. I'm taking him for a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning; the doctor wants to make sure he doesn't develop anything else. WPAFB has good pediatric care. I'm impressed!

Here are a few photos of our New Year's celebration with some good friends and my family from Michigan.

Here comes trouble... and pure cuteness, too!

"Wow, Pappy! Look at your ceiling!"

Laughing with Aunt Christel

Sweet, sweet, sweet and more sweet!

My oldest brother, Curt, and my niece and nephew, Ian and Hannah. Sean and Casey were on vacation in Texas. Sorry you missed the picture!

We had a great New Year's celebration and look forward to all the Lord has in store for us in 2009. We rejoice in knowing God, knowing He has our lives in His hands, and knowing He is sovereign in all things - the good and bad. We give Him thanks for our family and friends. May you have a joyous year in 2009!

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