Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a great morning!

This week is proving to be much better than last week. Isaac was sick for exactly one week. He has never been as sick as he was this time. It started last Monday, so I took him to the doctor Wednesday. He woke up Thursday morning all smiles with no fever; I thought we were in the clear. But no, he got worse that evening, and I really think it's because I took him back to the doctor for his follow-up appointment. I should have kept him home and away from the germ-laden doctor's office.

I'm happy to report Isaac is getting back to himself. He is sitting here with me jabbering up a storm saying, "Kix", "hat", "pen", dad, "ma-mam-a" (banana) and "type" because he wants to help Mommy type! What a joy this little boy is to me. I'm blessed to be his mommy, and I'm blessed to be the daughter of the King. The Lord carried us through this last week, and He gave us the strength to endure some sleepless nights. Now, Isaac's ready to let me kiss all over his cute little cheeks. Did I mention that I love this little guy? Here's to a great morning spending time with my healthy, beautiful, cuddle-bug Isaac!

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