Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Isaac did remarkably well today. We were off to the base bright and early... or should I say early and dark! Isaac and I aren't used to being awake when it's still pitch black outside. I knew a refreshing shower and some hot java (Matt makes the best!) would be just what I needed to start the day out strong.

The staff members at the ambulatory procedure unit were wonderful. When we arrived, we were immediately taken to our room. The nurse then asked me all kinds of questions, and we put Isaac's gown on him. He looked really cute. I wish I would've taken the camera and snapped a couple pictures! The doctor came in to speak with me and take a peek at Isaac. We then waited for a few minutes and read some books. Isaac was in great spirits and sat so nicely on my lap.

We headed down to the O.R., and I stayed with Isaac for a while before the procedure. The anesthesiologist talked to me about what kind of anesthesia Isaac would have and what to expect when he woke. Isaac and I prayed together before they took him. It was truly one of the sweetest moments I've had with my son. We held hands and asked Jesus to walk with him and help him not fear. Isaac loves praying, and as we prayed this morning, God gave us peace. God absolutely answered our prayers. Isaac reached up for the nurse anesthetist and waved bye-bye to me! My sweet little boy showed lots of courage today!

I waited outside the O.R. for about a half hour or so before the doctor came to talk with me. He said everything went very well and that Isaac was waking up but would be a little cranky. Boy, was that ever true!! I guess the anesthesia makes little guys feel really crummy and irritable. We stayed in the recovery area for a half hour, and Isaac was a squirmy bug the whole time.

We finally headed back to our room and remained there for about two more hours. The anesthesia was wearing off minute by minute, and Isaac began perking up. I didn't pack him a meal because I thought he would be so groggy and wouldn't want to eat anything. This is literally the first time I haven't packed him some food when we've gone out for a while. Normally, I pack enough for two meals. Today, I only had some snacks for him. Big mistake! He wanted to eat! He drank two boxes of apple juice, a small carton of milk and ate some graham crackers, goldfish and raisins. He was hungry. They didn't even have applesauce or anything for him. I thought I might have to order some room service! Thankfully they had a full supply of crackers. Who knows... I might get a bill for all he consumed!

Before we left, we had to make sure Isaac had a wet diaper. This seemed to take forever! We sat on the bed and watched part of the Inauguration and some other shows. I was just ready to go go go! I checked his diaper every ten minutes or so, and when I felt even the slightest wetness, I let the nurse know. She gave me Isaac's discharge papers, and we were finally on our way!

Isaac and I were both pretty sleepy when we got home. I made us some lunch before we both napped. Isaac chowed down on some scrambled eggs with cheese, a banana, some blueberries, and a piece of wheat bread. The doctor prescribed him some Tylenol with codeine, but he didn't seem to need any pain medication. You would never know he had any type of surgical procedure today. He's been a terrific sport throughout the entire day; I'm thankful everything went so smoothly.

Now, I just need to snatch him away from Daddy so he can get some good rest tonight. Playtime will have to wait until tomorrow! Thank you, everyone who prayed for Isaac. Goodnight!

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Amber said...

i'm so glad everything went well today!!! i hope isaac continues to recover without any problems, what a tough little guy!